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 We empower conscious leaders to embrace a triple bottom line strategy (People, Planet, Prosperity) by helping them scale in a sustainable way. 





We want to have a positive and lasting impact on the world.


We use systems thinking to look at things in their entirety and are driven by our ethical standpoint.


We are inclusive in our approach so that people feel valued.



Pathikah means ‘Journey’ in Sanskrit. It’s the path that we take individually and collectively for the evolution of society.

Our personal journey towards purposeful living can bring us to re-examine our moral compass and re-evaluate some of our behaviours, like who we empower with our purchasing decisions; to get to more convergence between our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

When we come together with other individuals on their  journey, we confront our own reality with theirs, our individual creative spark and way of doing things, to co-create solutions emanating from the sum of our aligned selves, and therefore more centred around the betterment of society and the environment.

From a corporate perspective, companies often experience a misalignment between their stated mission, vision and value statements and the actual culture, measured through behaviours observed on the ground, at each level of the organisation. We have partnered with leading people analytics firm CultureScope to empower companies to design and maintain a cohesive culture, aligned with their purpose.




We believe in the power of collaborations to co-create solutions for the better good of the People and the Planet, and to generate Prosperity for all involved.

If the positive innovations connect exponentially before the massive breakdowns reinforce one another, the system can re-pattern itself to a higher order of consciousness and freedom without the predicted economic, environmental, and social collapse… If the system could go either way, a slight intervention to assist the convergence of the positive can tip the scales of evolution in favour of the enhancement of life on Earth.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Stephanie Hamod

Stephanie Hamod



Stephanie Hamod is an advisor supporting businesses to define and implement Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies. She combines her passion for well-being and the environment, with her experience in defining and implementing transformational business strategies; to help companies and institutions transition into the new socio-environmental paradigm. She focuses on organisational culture and ESG factors to drive the Triple Bottom Line and business sustainability.

Stephanie has a breadth of experience across Financial Services, Hospitality, Retail, Marketing and Communications. She has run a family business as well as departments in large financial institutions. Throughout her financial services carrier, she managed the retail savings book of the 2nd largest savings bank in the UK. She was instrumental in establishing an alliance of 14 commercial banks covering more than 40 countries around the world to facilitate trade between clients of alliance banks, and has led innovative digital solutions and partnerships including with leading Asian marketplaces.

With a multi-cultural heritage herself, she recruited and led the most diverse and international team at a leading UK bank, within a workforce of over 24,000. She has also experienced the tensions between company mission and leadership behaviours first-hand, which prompted her to delve into corporate culture solutions.

Stephanie complemented her master’s degree in Marketing from Kingston University, UK, with executive education in Sustainability Management from The Sustainability Management School, Switzerland, and in HR Management and Analytics from The Wharton School, Pennsylvania.

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